Monday, March 17, 2014

TruCreations: She praises God

TruCreations: She praises God:   I'm proud to say that this piece of mine will be featured as a step by step project in a South African craft magazine next month. ...

She praises God

I'm proud to say that this piece of mine will be featured as a step by step project in a South African craft magazine next month.  The original sculpture (artist unfortunately unknown) was shown to me by a client and she wanted a similar piece.  Being low on money, I had  to find a way to sculpt this.  I couldn't afford enough molding material, didn't have enough polymer clay and kept the poor lady waiting for a whole year! Must be some kind of record...In the end, I made up a paper clay and sculpted the whole piece.  It is about 40cm in height and about that wide.  I finished the piece after it was very dry with layers of acrylic paint and sealed it with an acrylic varnish.  I couldn't ask the customer/friend to pay for it as she had to wait a life-time, but to my relief, she was very happy with the end product.  Whew! Why do I always agree to make something that I either don 't have the money for or don't have the skill (yet)?  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Entering into encaustics

Of all the art forms that I have tried over the years, I believe this is my favourite.  The smell of hot beeswax, the feel, the luminosity, the textue..I could go on and on.  

The first two were done with a textural encaustic technique.  It took a lot of layers and fusing, but I love the end result.  The third one, my "Moon", I wanted to be smooth and very luminous.  I could still do some layers on it but I like the effect of the colours beneath the wax.  

Art doll on a stick!

...Well, not really a stick, but the stem of a palm leaf, dried out, cleaned and varnished.  These ladies have been gracing my garden for about a year, and still doing well.  They were sculpted from gold polymer clay and varnished as well.  I attached them with wire to the palm stem.  Their skirts were made from edge-burnt organza and silk.  

Roses handmade greeting card

Fun with friends as we were making this card for a mutual friend!

Landscapes in acrylic

You tube is a wonderful thing.  I have been nervous of trying a landscape, but as this is. my year of overcoming, I had to do it.  Len hand offers free you tube video's on painting and wha-la! I would like to practice this artform - that is if I can find the time between all my other "have to tries"!!

Autumn trees art quilt

This art quilt I did for my mom's birthday. It was a lot of fun but quite challenging.  I wanted a gauzy effect over the trees, so I added a layer of organza that I stitched through.  The tree trunks are solid bits of cotton and the leaves are cut up confetti-style.