Friday, March 30, 2012

Stepping out into the public arena


Although I am doing classes for kids and adults at home and have done a few craft markets, this step was quite scary. I entered some dolls into a miniature exhibition of our local art society and two of them were accepted for a month long exhibit. We went to the opening last night and my dolls were proudly displayed among  mostly paintings in various media and some ceramics. I live in a conservative town and really hope people can open up their scope of what qualifies as art.

I  do think the mere fact that my dolls were accepted, shows a willingness to stretch. I am going to continue making them, I live for the commissions I get every now and then. As all you dollmakers out there know, this obsession of ours to play with dolls as adults, can be frowned upon sometimes.. Overall though, I am proud of myself and willing to take critisism.

These were the two that were selected.

Grandma 1

Rabbi 8

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