Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My dolls at Paljas art show

So I decide to show my dolls in public once again and my knees shake… This was a new gallery at a backpacker inn with a twist. Look at the pics and you’ll see that it’s quite funky, a mish-mash of elements and a place with some wonderful potential.
I met some wonderful new friends there. This lovely young guy make garden furniture and ornaments out of steel. I told my daughter she should marry him in about ten years. She was not impressed with me… His name is Frikkie van Kradenburg and he would like to call his future business “Frikkie buig staal”. In English it means Frikkie bends steel. Sound cute and like he is very strong! For my South African friends, he can be contacted on 0735777384. Give the boy some business!
This guy is an amazing new artist. His paintings were lovely, but his drawings of fantastical creatures were amazing. I forgot to take pictures of those, but trust me… Selwyn Slamdill is his name and he wants to try and earn a living from his art. (Know the feeling, brother). He is going to call his business “Artrageous”. He’ll do murals as well. Phone him up if you’re in my valley on 0840267062.
This lovely gentlemen’s name is Pieter Opperman and he makes objects out of steel as well. This is South Africa you know, and we love our natural resources. His mirrors have a rustic feel with a little bit of bling in them. For orders he can be contacted on 0732567718.
Below is another new friend with a lot of wisdom and years of artistic experience. Henry Cordier is a fixture in the local art world and has done apart from his paintings some massive sculptures that are on permanent exhibitions or in private collections. It was fascinating talking to him and hear all his stories of years gone by. His art is all nature inspired and refined. Call him for commissions on 0182976064.





Below is little ol me caught on camera. What a fun day this was. I just love connecting with other artists and art lovers. It feeds me, inspires me. In fact, I have an idea to make… Till later!
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