Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Beatrice

Ain’t I sweet? My little baby that I started months ago is finally finished. It was such a scary process. There is something so delicate and wondrous about a baby that it terrified me to even try and finish her.


She is made from polymer clay and the picture below shows a work in progress of her where I got to a stage where I just wanted to give up. Her toes were burnt and I just couldn't get the arms and legs right. But… I kept on going.
In an antique shop in a small town I found this handmade miniature pram. My mom decided to buy it for me and that meant just one thing…. finish the baby! She fit in there perfectly and to go with the feel of the pram, I made her some clothes with a vintage feel. I blushed her face with oils, made a soft matrass and a pillow and added a tiny teddy bear. Enjoy her with me!
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