Thursday, November 25, 2010

I have not been idle…

DSCF0228This happy couple I really enjoyed making. I kept their faces simple, though my bride looks a bit ghoulish… Still, I found them easy to make and had fun adding the bouquet of flowers.
DSCF0229This is Bobbie, now mounted on a faux marble plate. As my very fist sculpture effort, he is very special to me.
DSCF0230Bobbie bear stands tall with a toolbelt around his waist, ready to get to work. Just like my lovely husband, the real-life Bobbie…
DSCF0234She is a huge failure but will keep on staring at me as I hopefully progress in sculpting. I don’t know what it is with me, but I have to always try new and different things, preferably very difficult…
DSCF0235A little clown for my kids classes. Easy and fun to make.
DSCF0237These two little alien creatures will hopefully later have an alien planet (maybe red) to inhabit.
DSCF0238O my word. Trying to sculpt a baby is SO difficult. This one will rest on a shelf for a while, while I go back to the basics of sculpting and try and improve my skills
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