Saturday, June 26, 2010

Christi Friesen Festival

When I first tried my hand at polymer clay some two and a half years ago, Christi Friesen was my immediate inspiration. Her pieces are fun, fantastic and, believe it or not, if you let go and just create, you can really learn from her.
Look at this unbelievable wall piece from her website (


It makes me smile and want to get to work. I remember reading in one of her tutorials that fingerprints on clay are fine, it adds texture. That set me free in quite a few projects, depending on the end result I wanted.
So I made some pieces from her free tutorials and this is what some of them look like:
Christi Friesen

There is even a group on Flick that copies and explore her style. I bought one of her books and loved the clear, funny instructions that go with each project.
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