Thursday, June 24, 2010

Calla lily story

Calla lilies 
I love flowers and try to recreate them after a fashion with polymer clay.  To get the picture that I have in my head translated to the clay is the goal. The top, very pink, calla lily was my first try at this flower. I don’t want to make it life-like, yet have it be recognizable.
With the second lily, I managed to tone down the color and added a shimmering effect with mica powders. For anyone who wants to know, the lily is formed by cutting a round shape out of a sheet of clay. It is then folded around a round object. The edges of the flower are pinched by hand and manipulated to give an irregular effect.
The Calla lily earrings were very popular. I added a long bead on a headpin to act as the stamen.
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