Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So the same friend, Karen, that asked me to make her some buttons, wanted me to create a bracelet that would go with a faboulous dress she got for a wedding. It had to be flowery and different. Ok, what to do? I nervously (being the novice that I am) pottered around with all the mediums I had at hand and hoped for the best. These four bracelets were what I presented her with.
This piece consists of polymer clay of course and some wooden beads. The earthy, chunky look attracted me and the flowers add a touch of femininity.
For this bracelet I used a fairly thick gauge of wire, hammered the ends and added crystals strung with wire for the flower centre.
The rose is made from transluscent polymer clay with wax crayon shavings as inclusions.
An all-polymer clay bracelet, the metal effect achieved by adding mica powder to raw clay.
To my relief, my friend chose one bracelet, the one with the rose and charms. Phew!
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